MyRun Club Series with Avondale Sports Day 2

Thursday, 17 September 2020

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PlaceNameNet TimeBibCatSub CatClub
1 Oscar DURSTON 00:04:261216MMU16Ashford A.C.
2 Finn BUCK 00:04:381228MMU14Parnell A.C.
3 Akysha KELLY 00:05:061226FFU16Parnell A.C.
4 Isabelle DOYLE 00:05:081222FFU14
5 Tianne KELLY 00:05:091227FFU12Parnell A.C.
6 Emma BYRNE 00:05:091229FFU12Parnell A.C.
7 Arthur BRUNTON 00:05:201217MMU10Kilcoole A.C.
8 Ciara COLOHON 00:05:231234FFU14Parnell A.C.
9 Rosie COAD 00:05:32778FFU12
10 00:05:331233
11 Helen WINTERBOTHAM 00:05:371218FFU12Parnell A.C.
12 Charlie SHERIDAN 00:05:561235MMU10Kilcoole A.C.
13 Lara BUCK 00:05:591237FFU12Parnell A.C.
14 Ciara WINTERBOTHAM 00:06:011220FFU10Parnell A.C.
15 Jamie WINTERBOTHAM 00:06:041221MMU10Parnell A.C.
16 Leah FOX 00:06:081215FFU10Parnell A.C.
17 Meabh MOORE 00:06:111214FFU10Parnell A.C.
18 Julie Anne BUCK 00:06:211238FFU10Parnell A.C.
19 Eanna BUCK 00:06:431236FFU14Parnell A.C.
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