FREE Daily MyRun Keep it short Keep it brief Wk8

Monday, 18 May 2020


FREE Daily MyRun Keep it short Keep it brief Wk8

Monday, 18 May 2020 00:24





5 Km, 10 km, Other

Manual (MyRunresults)

WEEK 8 MAY 18th - 24th

Taking on a daily challenge? add a daily 2k / 5k or 10k to this link.

We strongly advise to keep to shorter distances at the moment. It’s imperative that we strictly adhere to the guidelines and at the same time keep active and a clear the mind by getting out of the house for daily exercise.

We are recommended by Government to exercise daily within a 5k zone. Be sensible and only stay out for a short while and not going over the distance. Again Keep it short 1mile to 5k as mentioned above. Use these short distances as your daily virtual runs over the next 2 weeks. After this you can run further distances if the current restrictions are lifted and we are not putting ourselves and the public at risk.

We will accept virtual runs over 10k if proof can be verified by treadmill stats or video and images of you running around your garden etc and not out in public spaces. It must be your own private dwelling and main residence.

All of our MyRun Community virtual runs are free. Our virtual runs will be available for several months.

These conditions do not apply to Northern Ireland and the UK who can participate in longer distances.