Fordes Daybreak WWAC Winter League WK 9

Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Fordes Daybreak WWAC Winter League WK 9

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 18:00

Dungarvan, Co. West Waterford



Road Race, Track

5 Km



This league is sponsored by Kevin Ford of Forde’s Daybreak on the Youghal road is the country’s original winter league is now proudly in its 26th year and will be held over a period of 13 weeks this year with 7 nights of league running before Christmas and 6 nights after Christmas.We will have the traditional Christmas break finishing on Wednesday night December 18th, our final league run in 2019, and the league will resume on Wednesday night January 8th

Organisers Instructions

Entry will remain the same as previous years 2 Euro per night to members of the club and 3 Euro to non-members. As was the case last year there will be a once off payment on registration night of 5 Euro. This extra amount will be used to cover the cost of purchasing the numbers which are quite expensive but they are waterproof and have to be used each night for the duration of the league. 

This year for the first time also you can pay for the entire league with a once off payment and save yourself some money by doing so. For club members you can pay 30 euro (this includes the 5 euro once off number payment) and for non members you can pay a once off payment of 40 euro which also includes the 5 euro number payment charge.The various division positions are made during the Christmas break and will be displayed weekly on our return night in January. Remember rule number one, no bib no run! Rule number 2, no watches. Rule number 3 no head phones or any music devices. With the huge increases in numbers in our recent leagues at the Friary we are expecting big numbers this year for the winter league. We urge all those who did come along to the Friary not to stop running now after making such great strides at the leagues but to continue by taking part in the winter league,you will be glad you did.

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