Race results

Carton House 6k Trail Race 2018 (2018)



Last night Dunboyne AC hosted it's 3rd and final race in their 3 race series for 2018, this was another very successful event that has been labelled as "Summertime cross country" as it has everything except the mud. This is a beautiful 6km trail race with a fine wide start that gradually tapers as it makes the gentle climb leading into the forest trails, climbs, twists and turns before the descent into the finish.
This is also the 3rd year of this event and it just keeps growing due to it being a race that is just a little bit different,it's friendly atmosphere and stunning location, nothing like a bit of variety to spice up the sport.
There was a huge representation from various clubs spanning the province. It is always so nice to see all the different club tops at these races supporting each other.