Virtual Races

Wednesday, 25 March 2020 09:02
Saturday, 30 January 2021 15:38


We have a host of Virtual running events to keep you going in 2021, this is a great way to keep virtually connected with those who you may not get to see. Interact with running buddies, club mates and family by particiapting in the same events. You can also add images and your stories to our very own MyRun Community facebook group.

Click HERE to view our Virtual Events Calendar
Most of our events are club or chairity fundraisers,2020 has been a tough year for clubs/ charities and this is a great way to support them while keeping active and having fun.

What to do after you have completed your run/ walk:

If you are a first time user of the MyRunResults Virtual results portal you will need to register and account, this can be done by Facebook or by email. (This is separate to registering up the event, this is to give you access to the results portal only).

Please view this sample video on how to add your distances & times - CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO



  • Click on your events results link, this will be in your confirmation mail or click HERE to search all virtual event

  • Click on "Add your result to this virtual event" button

  • Log in or register to results portal

  • Once logged in click "Add your result to this virtual event" again and a form will pop up

  • Fill in your details on form (these will be saved for your next result entry)

    • Class = distance

    • Cat = Gender (M or F)

    • SubCat = Gender & Age eg. female age 29 = FS, male age 42 = M40, female age 56 = F55 etc..

  • Add your time. Time format is HH:MM:SS eg. 27 minutes and 54 seconds = 00:27:54, 1 hour 15 minutes 30 second = 01:15:30 (Please do not enter milliseconds, is important that time format is entered correctly as incorrect entries can corrupt time on leaderboard)

  • Upload your proof link. This can be done using your device link Strava, Garmin etc. (THIS IS OPTIONAL)

  • Upload your proof image. This can be an image or the time / distance from the device you are using to record challenge. (THIS IS OPTIONAL)

After you have logged your first time your base information will be saved and you will not need to fill in again for this event. 

If you make an error when logging result do not worry, you can log back in and click on the entry with the error and edit as needed.

Please note for runners who intend to score high up in the results table can we request that you also add a Garmin link or Strava link so we can vet results to ensure fair competition.

We hope you enjoy taking part in this challenge and if you have any queries please contact [email protected].



MyRun Community Facebook Group

How to add your times to our virtual results portal