Run The Ridge 2017

Saturday, 14 October 2017


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PlaceNameNet TimeGross TimeBibCat
1Simon WILLIAMS 01:32:2301:32:231141M
2Michael GOMBART 01:35:0301:35:03995M
3Javier HERNANDO DE LEMA 01:36:0901:36:091000M
4Paul MAHON 01:37:3601:37:362724M
5Rory CAMPBELL 01:40:0601:40:06966M
6David MAHER 01:41:4301:41:442725M
7Hannah CARROLL 01:41:5901:42:00968F
8James KEANE 01:42:3001:42:301101M
9Karl MAGUIRE 01:42:4601:42:541110M
10Chris DUNNE 01:44:4801:44:502721M
11Thomas MOURAILLE 01:45:3701:45:421120M
12Dermot MAGUIRE 01:47:3101:47:322727M
13Gillian WASSON 01:47:5301:47:541139F
14Mark ALEXANDER 01:48:0101:48:02959M
15James WILLIAMS 01:48:1901:48:241142M
16Liam BOWE 01:49:4901:49:512723M
17Richard ROBINSON 01:50:4001:50:421131M
18Patrik ALBERTSSON 01:50:4301:50:46958M
19Andre VAN BARNEVELD 01:51:1701:51:181138M
20Stefan HAMILTON 01:52:4001:52:46998M
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