Irish Runner Paced Miles Phoenix Park Day 2

Sunday, 03 July 2016

Race Reports



Photos by Tomas Greally


A great morning was enjoyed by all runners taking part in the paced mile. The event took place on the Main Road of Chesterfield avenue in the Phoenix Park. The runners ran down the avenue and after half a mile returned back up again. This was a very relaxed and friendly event. The event was free of charge and open to anybody looking to improve their running pace. Many Runners who took part in today's event would normally be training in the Park at the same time. This provided a great way to spice up and incorporate the Paced Mile into their Weekly running plan. 


Runners got the chance to run with a pacer to help increase their normal pace. The aid of the pacer has improved many runners overall pace over that last  number of months. A better performance and race result times have  been evident for runners who have taken part in the paced mile series. This was Day 2 of the Summer Series of the Irish Runner Paced Mile. Previous paced mile events took place over the winter months in ALSAA, Santry, running track. 

Special thanks to the OPW who provided Chesterfield Avenue with a closed road and superb Phoenix Park Facility. 



Runners received some important training information on how to improve their performance. They also availed of how to warm up, stretch and prepare the body before taking part in running events. See video snip of pre warm up exercise performed by David Carrie. 




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There will be another paced mile next month. Go to to Irish Runner website over the coming weeks for the next day out. 


Finish Live Video

of 8,9,10, and 11 min per mile pace




Finish Live Video

of 5,6, and 7 min per mile pace




click below for pace mile times




First group of runners head off on their paced mile


David Grange of Raheny Shamrock AC making headway on 5min Paced Mile


After the event many runners enjoyed some friendly chat and banter over a coffee and cake in the local Visitors center to finish off a great day out..