Drogheda and District AC Captains Virtual Relay Challenge

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Clubs/Teams Results
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PlaceNameGross TimeCatSub CatClub
1 Fran EGAN 00:03:10Relay1KCoaches Pets
2 Cillian GOGARTY 00:03:32Relay1KScrambled Legs
3 Jim NOLAN 00:03:33Relay1KA Team
4 Sean MACFARLAIN 00:03:34Relay1KTeam Warrior
5 E C 00:03:43Relay1KBlind Chasers
6 Séamus FLANNERY 00:03:52Relay1KPerfect Pacers
7 Gerard MAHER 00:03:59Relay1KFearsome Foursome
8 Andrea MCCABE 00:04:06Relay1KAlley Cats
9 Louise AYLWARD 00:04:08Relay1KChafing The Dream
10 Pauline LANNON 00:04:09Relay1KTrouble Makers
11 Alan FLOYD 00:04:13Relay1KMullet Mafia
12 Miriam GOUGH 00:04:20Relay1KGirls Allowed
12 Gillian FARRELLY 00:04:20Relay1KAlso Rans
12 Pam WALL 00:04:20Relay1KFit Flyers
15 Martin WOODS 00:04:31Relay1KRiot Squad
16 linda BOWE 00:04:34Relay1KJager Bombers
17 Louise BRADY 00:04:38Relay1KFab Four
18 Sinead MCGUINNESS 00:04:40Relay1KBling Hunters
18 Sharon HANNA 00:04:40Relay1KFours Company
20 Julie BOARDMAN 00:04:44Relay1KFours A Crowd
21 Edel VICTORY 00:04:54Relay1KPeak Performers
22 Catherine O'NEILL 00:05:12Relay1KDelinquents
23 Maeveen CARROLL 00:05:16Relay1KRelay Wreckers
24 Paula FLOYD 00:05:22Relay1KMiracle Milers
25 John KIRWAN 00:05:26Relay1KYour Pace Or Mine
26 Mary REILLY 00:05:40Relay1KAnt Hill Mob
27 Anne-Marie KIERANS 00:05:43Relay1KRoad Runners
28 Sandra KIRWAN 00:05:45Relay1KEat My Duster
29 Tom CUMMINS 00:05:46Relay1 MILEBlind Chasers
30 Margo DUFFY 00:05:53Relay1KThe 4 Of Us
31 Lily CUMMINS 00:06:07Relay1 MILEEat My Duster
32 Sandra KELLY 00:06:17Relay1KGruesome Foursome
33 Sarah CLARKE 00:06:22Relay1 MILEUntouchables
34 Brian GUILFOYLE 00:06:31Relay1 MILEA Team
35 Gemma DELANEY 00:06:35Relay1 MILEPeak Performers
35 Deirdre HARMON 00:06:35Relay1KOne 4 All
37 Sinéad BAXTER 00:06:42Relay1KBun Chasers
38 Valerie CAMPBELL 00:06:48Relay1KChunky Monkeys
38 Elva MAREE 00:06:48Relay1 MILETeam Warrior
40 Tadhg GOGARTY 00:06:49Relay1 MILEScrambled Legs
41 Mary MCGREEHAN 00:06:53Relay1 MILEGirls Allowed
42 Helga MCDONNELL 00:06:57Relay1 MILEGruesome Foursome
43 Linda CRUISE 00:07:00Relay1 MILEMiracle Milers
43 Michelle EGAN 00:07:00Relay1 MILECoaches Pets
45 Adrian GOGARTY 00:07:01Relay1 MILEMullet Mafia
46 Rob POWER 00:07:02Relay1 MILEJager Bombers
47 Kerry MCHUGH 00:07:08Relay1 MILEChunky Monkeys
48 Ieva OFMANE 00:07:16Relay1 MILEAlley Cats
48 Aine KIRWAN 00:07:16Relay1 MILEAlso Rans
50 Seamus ROE 00:07:19Relay1 MILERelay Wreckers
51 Carmel BERGIN 00:07:29Relay1KUntouchables
52 Martina NÍ RÓIDEÁIN 00:07:34Relay1 MILEFours Company
53 Theresa ECCLES 00:07:36Relay1 MILEAnt Hill Mob
53 Yvonne RUSSELL 00:07:36Relay1 MILEBun Chasers
55 Mary Ann KINSELLA 00:07:41Relay1 MILEYour Pace Or Mine
56 Maria KIERAN 00:07:45Relay1 MILEThe 4 Of Us
57 Ashley DARVELL 00:07:54Relay1 MILEOne 4 All
58 Katja O'SHEA 00:07:57Relay1 MILERoad Runners
59 Deirdre O'GRADY 00:08:03Relay1 MILEPerfect Pacers
60 Mary TONER 00:08:05Relay1 MILEFab Four
61 Joy TEGART 00:08:23Relay1 MILEFearsome Foursome!
62 Edel SMITH 00:08:40Relay1 MILEFours A Crowd
63 Una SHERIDAN 00:08:46Relay1 MILEBling Hunters
64 Sharon LESLIE 00:09:01Relay1 MILETrouble Makers
65 Clara NIC GABHANN 00:09:02Relay1 MILEDelinquents
66 Paola FLYNN 00:09:07Relay1 MILERiot Squad
67 Donal BRANIGAN 00:09:30Relay1 MileFit Flyers
68 Pat SAVAGE 00:09:39Relay1 MILEChafing The Dream
69 Liam MCGREEHAN OGRADY 00:10:54Relay3KRoad Runners
70 Fintan MAHER 00:10:57Relay3KRiot Squad
71 Paddy MURPHY 00:11:15Relay3KBun Chasers
72 Paul MCDONNELL 00:11:29Relay3KFit Flyers
73 Pamela HOWARD 00:11:36Relay3KAnt Hill Mob
74 Karl CARTON 00:11:40Relay3KJager Bombers
75 Maureen CONWAY HARBISON 00:11:44Relay3KFab Four
76 Yasmin CANNING 00:11:47Relay3KDelinquents
77 Tony CORCORAN 00:11:52Relay3KThe 4 Of Us
78 Yann MAHUET 00:11:56Relay3KOne 4 All
79 Barbara LOWTH BYRNE 00:12:05Relay3KFours Company
80 Kate O'REILLY 00:12:08Relay3KYour Pace Or Mine
81 Thomas FARRELLY 00:12:16Relay3KMiracle Milers
82 Pól MURCHÚ 00:12:24Relay3KTrouble Makers
83 David NEILL 00:12:35Relay3KAlso Rans
84 Roger ASHWOOD 00:12:46Relay3KFearsome Foursome
85 Paul MAC ARDLE 00:12:52Relay3KFours A Crowd
86 Helen DILLON 00:12:53Relay3KCoaches Pets
87 Aoife MUNDOW 00:13:02Relay3KChafing The Dream
88 Roisin COADE 00:13:03Relay3KRelay Wreckers
88 Terri DURNIN 00:13:03Relay3KMullet Mafia
90 Frank BRADY 00:13:17Relay3KTeam Warrior
91 Liam CALLAGHAN 00:13:19Relay3KChunky Monkeys
92 Andrea MCARDLE 00:13:39Relay3KBlind Chasers
93 Christopher DUFFY 00:13:52Relay3KEat My Duster
94 Niamh MATTHEWS 00:14:06Relay3KBling Hunters
94 Nuala REILLY 00:14:06Relay3KUntouchables
96 Sinead SHAW 00:14:22Relay3KScrambled Legs
97 Mike STAUNTON 00:14:32Relay3KPeak Performers
98 Lorraine MC MANUS 00:14:36Relay3KGruesome Foursome
99 Roisin MC GEOUGH 00:14:44Relay3KAlley Cats
100 Ann MONAGHAN 00:15:35Relay3KA Team
101 Paul SMITH 00:15:48Relay5KFours Company
102 Sean CORCORAN 00:16:20Relay3KPerfect Pacers
103 Liam MULLIGAN 00:16:40Relay5KThe 4 Of Us
104 Patrick O'GRADY 00:16:43Relay5KJager Bombers
105 Stephen KELLY 00:16:46Relay5KPeak Performers
106 David WALSH 00:16:49Relay5KUntouchables
107 Colin LEONARD 00:16:55Relay5KChunky Monkeys
108 Mark OSHEA 00:17:17Relay5KTeam Warrior
109 Anna RYAN 00:17:21Relay3KGirls Allowed
110 Colm REILLY 00:17:35Relay5KPerfect Pacers
111 Seán TONER 00:17:41Relay5KFearsome Foursome
112 Mary LEECH 00:17:51Relay5KGirls Allowed
113 Brian FITZPATRICK 00:17:57Relay5KYour Pace Or Mine
114 Rodney THORNTON 00:18:00Relay5KGruesome Foursome
115 Tadhg EVERITT THOMPSON 00:18:05Relay5KChafing The Dream
116 Hugh CALLAN 00:18:16Relay5KFab Four
117 Shane LARKIN 00:18:24Relay5KMullet Mafia
118 Jordan KELLY 00:18:25Relay5KBun Chasers
118 Stephen DUGGAN 00:18:25Relay5KBling Hunters
120 Aonghus O'CONNOR 00:18:27Relay5KDelinquints
121 John REILLY 00:18:32Relay5KRoad Runners
122 Cyril STACK 00:18:44Relay5KFours A Crowd
123 Ian O'REILLY 00:18:49Relay5KMiracle Milers
124 Martin RUSSELL 00:18:58Relay5KFit Flyers
125 Andrew LOGUE 00:19:15Relay5KRelay Wreckers
126 Paul REILLY 00:19:39Relay5KEat My Duster
127 Cormac CANNING 00:19:43Relay5KAnt Hill Mob
128 Damian CONNOR 00:19:47Relay5KAlso Rans
129 Ciara O’REILLY 00:19:59Relay5KOne 4 All
130 Andrew KELLY 00:20:35Relay5KCoaches Pets
131 Abigail TEGART 00:20:43Relay5KAlley Cats
132 Jonathan O'BRIEN 00:20:50Relay5KTrouble Makers
133 Harry DELANEY 00:21:31Relay5KA Team
134 Joanne WESTON 00:24:43Relay5KRiot Squad
135 Stephen GERAGHTY 00:27:16Relay5KScrambled Legs
136 Jenny GREGORY 00:27:49Relay5KBlind Chasers