Covid19 Miles that Mater for Month of April

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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Covid19 Miles that Mater for Month of April

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 23:02




Fun Run

Other, 1 Mile, 5 Km, 5 Mile, 10 km

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*** UPDATE ****

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: In light of the new guidelines published on Friday the 27th of March, we need to come together, and do exactly what we are been advised by our Government who have been our saving light over the last few weeks.

The Government, the HSE, our Heath Care front line staff, and Essential workers in services and retail have been our guardian angels and will take care of us.

We now need to play our part and fight the war on Covid-19. Make Covid 19 no where to go and eliminate its existence from our communities, country and worldwide.


❇️ You can take part in our virtual runs AFTER the new 14 day restrictions have been lifted or at a later date. DO NOT go against the guidelines that are there to protect us all..

❇️ Run on a treadmill if you have one at home, or lucky enough if you can run within 2k of your home at a safe distance.

❇️ You can select as little as 1 Mile, 2km and 5k option. Keep active and maintain your own mental health. There are other ways for us to keep active. THIS IS ONLY SHORT TERM and for the greater good.

❇️ jog on the spot, sprint up and down your garden . Send us your pics of these to our MyRun Community page.. who can do the most laps of their garden.. etc..This is why the page is more important than ever before. We can keep connected and help each other stay safe.

❇️ Let us all take up this new challenge.. Stay at home and help our front line staff from been overwhelmed..

Don’t feel alone, keep contact with family and friends. We wish you, your family and friends the very best.
LETS GET THE RESULT WE WANT. Lets all be able to see each other again soon STAY AT HOME AND BE SAFE
Thank you Ronan Lucy & Eimear (MyRunResults)



Your registration fee will support frontline staff in the fight against Covid-19.

Covid-19 "Miles that Mater" is an open run challenge to support frontline staff and their patients in the
Mater Hospital. You decide how long, what time and where! At the end post your finisher photo into
our My Run Community Group on Facebook and and click HERE to add your result.

You can run any of the below distances up until 30th April.

1mile, 2k, 5k, 5mile, or 10k

This is about bringing runners together to make a life-saving difference.

The Mater Hospital is the national centre for lung health in Ireland. We are also the national
centre for adult emergency respiratory life support (ECMO) and the home of the national lung
transplant unit.

Our brave staff are at the centre of the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Over the coming weeks and months they will treat large numbers of Covid-19 patients while also
caring for other patients with life threatening conditions.

One of the greatest needs for staff in the weeks and months ahead is ensuring that they have the
supports they need to help them to deal with the psychological and emotional trauma that they
will have to deal with, their mental health.

Many of them will contract Covid-19 and become ill themselves as they are treating their

We have some of the best doctors, nurses and support staff in the in world working in our
hospitals. As the Taoiseach said “not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs and gowns”.

They spend their lives putting others before themselves. But the reality is, if they fall down we all
fall down.

Now is our time to help them.

Please donate whatever you can. Every little helps!