Annaghmore Running Festival

Saturday, 28 September 2019


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PlaceNameGross TimeBibCatSub CatClub
1Vincent MCALISTER 00:34:139931M
2Mark CORNETT 00:34:17294M
3PJ O'NEILL 00:37:23270M
4Colin MCDOWELL 00:38:41295M
5Richard MCCARTNEY 00:41:15146M
6Stephen MCCANN 00:41:33145M
7Geoffrey TOPLEY 00:42:15157M
8Kevin TERRY 00:42:24293M
9Shaun GERAGHTY 00:42:51138M
10Gerard WATTERS 00:44:11324M
11Stuart O'HARA 00:44:26203M
12Brendan MCLOUGHLIN 00:46:11149M
13Andrew FIELDS 00:47:17136M
14Dwyer O'CONNOR 00:47:42208M
15Seamus MURPHY 00:48:20279M
16Dominic MCGEOWN 00:48:25247M
17Michael HANNA 00:49:34140MDungannon Little RC
18Gareth MCKEOWN 00:49:57148MSt Peters AC
19Mark NEVILLE 00:50:35323M
20Gerard MCCONVILLE 00:50:44322M
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