Grant Thornton Corporate 5K Team Challenge Cork

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

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PlaceNameNet TimeGross TimeBibCatSub CatClub
1 Kevin O'BRIEN 00:16:0100:16:0128Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
2 Frank O'BRIEN 00:16:5000:16:5027Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
3 Donal COAKLEY 00:16:5300:16:53489Male TeamM IndGilead
4 Cillian O'SULLIVAN 00:17:1100:17:11338Male TeamM IndCitco
5 Marco PATRASSI 00:17:1700:17:17490Male TeamM IndGilead
6 Geoff CASEY 00:17:2000:17:20290Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
7 Feargal O'SHEA 00:17:2300:17:23714Male TeamM IndMusgrave
8 Brian COLLINS 00:17:2400:17:24886Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
9 Gary CLERKIN 00:17:5900:18:00444Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
10 Mike BYRNE 00:18:0600:18:06584Male TeamM IndLaya Health Care
11 Shane OCALLAGHAN 00:18:2100:18:21848Mixed TeamM IndSMARTTECH
12 Noel DALY 00:18:2100:18:21308Male TeamM IndCAB Motor Company
13 Tom FOX 00:18:2500:18:25819Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
21 Kevin KAVANAGH 00:18:3400:19:11747Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
14 David O'CALLAGHAN 00:18:4000:18:45890Mixed TeamM IndTY Coint
15 Jamie FITZMAURICE 00:18:5000:18:50289Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
16 Aaron HORNIBROOK 00:18:5200:18:52110Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
17 Anthony O'SULLIVAN 00:18:5600:18:59191Mixed TeamM IndAIB
18 John O'SHAUGHNESSY 00:18:5900:18:59369Male TeamM IndClancy
19 Aine SHEEHAN 00:19:0000:19:01436Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
20 Barrie KENNY 00:19:0300:19:04305Male TeamM IndCAB Motor Company
28 Richard BOURKE 00:19:1100:19:28713Male TeamM IndMusgrave
22 Brian HARTE 00:19:1400:19:16562Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associated
44 Cormac O'REGAN 00:19:1800:19:51557Mixed TeamM IndJames Riordan and Partners
25 John RYAN 00:19:2000:19:27246Male TeamM IndAtkins
23 Joe O'LOUGHLIN 00:19:2100:19:22703Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
24 Jordan DUNNE 00:19:2500:19:26307Male TeamM IndCAB Motor Company
29 John MURPHY 00:19:2600:19:29563Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associated
26 Daniel O'RIORDAN 00:19:2700:19:27434Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
27 Jonathan KENNEALLY 00:19:2800:19:28849Mixed TeamM IndSolarwinds
30 Padraig COUGHLAN 00:19:2900:19:29485Male TeamM IndESB International
32 Darryl BRODERICK 00:19:2900:19:33818Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
31 Dymphna RYAN 00:19:3000:19:30190Mixed TeamF IndAIB
39 Sean SHARPE 00:19:3100:19:42322Mixed TeamM IndCH Marine
33 Diarmuid WRENNE 00:19:3100:19:33788Male TeamM IndPGi
34 Brendan WALSHE 00:19:3400:19:34189Mixed TeamM IndAIB
43 Conor HARRINGTON 00:19:3400:19:48125Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
48 Sean HEALY 00:19:3500:19:58391Mixed TeamM IndClayton Hotel
37 Orla AHERNE 00:19:3700:19:41661Mixed TeamM IndMercer
35 Dan KELLEHER 00:19:3800:19:39535Mixed TeamM IndItron Management Services Ireland Ltd
40 Ray MURPHY 00:19:3900:19:43797Male TeamM IndReardens Group
36 Paul KELLY 00:19:4000:19:40793Mixed TeamM IndRadiotherapy Dept CUH
53 Tony MCGRATH 00:19:4100:20:06389Mixed TeamM IndClayton Hotel
41 Kevin BOYD 00:19:4100:19:43551Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
38 Joe MURRAY 00:19:4100:19:41850Mixed TeamM IndSolarwinds
45 Alan O'SULLIVAN 00:19:4200:19:54813Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Ltd
42 Shane MADIGAN 00:19:4400:19:44220Male TeamM IndAIB
58 Daniel O'SULLIVAN 00:19:5500:20:13716Male TeamM IndMusgrave
47 Dave SHEEHAN 00:19:5600:19:57700Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
46 Fergal QUINLAN 00:19:5600:19:56777Mixed TeamM IndPFH Technology Group
49 David HURLEY 00:19:5800:19:58715Male TeamM IndMusgrave
52 Philip WHITE 00:19:5800:20:05488Male TeamM IndESB International
50 Kris DOWDALL 00:19:5900:20:00550Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
51 Aidan MAHER 00:20:0200:20:04370Male TeamM IndClancy
83 Eric DILLOUGHERY 00:20:0400:20:42192Mixed TeamM IndAIB
54 Ali O'CONNOR 00:20:0500:20:0815Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
61 Michael O'BRIC 00:20:0600:20:17105Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
56 Brian LORDAN 00:20:0700:20:11547Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
62 Evan BOYLE 00:20:1000:20:17487Male TeamM IndESB International
55 Niall MCSWEENEY 00:20:1000:20:11367Male TeamM IndCitco
60 Glenn HEALY 00:20:1100:20:16888Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
59 Patrick DILLON 00:20:1100:20:136Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
57 Enda WALSHE 00:20:1200:20:12381Male TeamM IndClancy
63 Killian DEASEY 00:20:1200:20:18911Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
68 Tim MURPHY 00:20:1300:20:27696Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
74 Stephen PARKER 00:20:1500:20:32625Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
89 Richard HODNETT 00:20:1600:20:50674Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
64 John KELLY 00:20:1600:20:18426Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
78 David RODGERS 00:20:1600:20:38837Mixed TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
70 Kieran WALSH 00:20:1800:20:28107Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
84 Steven MADDEN 00:20:1900:20:44390Mixed TeamM IndClayton Hotel
91 Robert HOBBS 00:20:2000:20:52441Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
73 David SLATTERY 00:20:2100:20:31258Mixed TeamM IndBank of Ireland, 32 South Mall
98 Tomas THORNTON 00:20:2200:21:00336Mixed TeamM IndCitco
67 Pearse BARRETT 00:20:2200:20:26564Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associated
69 Martin MCCARTHY 00:20:2200:20:2866Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
65 Keith NOLAN 00:20:2300:20:24787Male TeamM IndPGi
66 Gavin FORDE 00:20:2400:20:25653Mixed TeamM IndMercer
68 Elaine HARTNETT 00:20:2400:20:27663Mixed TeamF IndMercer
94 Keith CLEERE 00:20:2500:20:55842Mixed TeamM IndScott Tallon Walker Architects
76 Kevin O'DONOVAN 00:20:2500:20:35477Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
80 Kevin FENTON 00:20:2500:20:40765Male TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
92 TBC TBC 00:20:2700:20:54400Mixed TeamComyn Kelleher Tobin
72 Eilish DOWNING 00:20:2800:20:29884Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
71 Mark TWOHIG 00:20:2900:20:29306Male TeamM IndCAB Motor Company
78 James MURPHY 00:20:3100:20:3862Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
75 Donnacha LONERGAN 00:20:3300:20:33371Male TeamM IndClancy
77 Thomas MORGAN 00:20:3500:20:36655Mixed TeamM IndMercer
116 Kieran O'MAHONY 00:20:3600:21:22457Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
114 Shane TAYLOR 00:20:3900:21:18728Male TeamM IndNETGEAR
80 Shane MCCARTHY 00:20:4000:20:40218Male TeamM IndAIB
82 Eddie MURPHY 00:20:4100:20:41109Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
86 David CODY 00:20:4100:20:47491Male TeamM IndGilead
93 Aidan BRADY 00:20:4100:20:54610Male TeamM IndLockton Insurance Brokers
85 Paddy MINIHAN 00:20:4300:20:45254Male TeamM IndAviva
90 Adrian O'SULLIVAN 00:20:4300:20:52261Mixed TeamM IndBarry Group
97 Ben GREAREY 00:20:4400:20:58790Mixed TeamM IndQuality Hotel Clonakilty
96 Stephen MCCARTHY 00:20:4500:20:5692Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
88 Ben SHORTEN 00:20:4500:20:49798Male TeamM IndReardens Group
87 Joe BRACKEN 00:20:4800:20:49373Male TeamM IndClancy
107 Phil CORCORAN 00:20:5200:21:09595Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
95 Linda O'CONNOR 00:20:5500:20:5516Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
100 Tommy KELLY 00:20:5600:21:01889Mixed TeamM IndTY Coint
102 Kevin FLYNN 00:20:5800:21:03333Mixed TeamM IndCitco
109 Martin MOORE 00:20:5800:21:13769Mixed TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
104 Gerard GALVIN 00:20:5800:21:03129Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
131 Glenn CREIGHTON 00:20:5900:21:38726Male TeamM IndNETGEAR
98 Shane DORGAN 00:21:0000:21:00111Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
125 Michael FLANNERY 00:21:0100:21:32443Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
101 Vincent MURPHY 00:21:0100:21:02300Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
103 Eoin STANTON 00:21:0200:21:03435Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
105 Paul PENNEY 00:21:0300:21:07525Male TeamM IndHortonworks
106 Ray WALLACE 00:21:0500:21:09348Male TeamM IndCitco
111 Tim O'CALLAGHAN 00:21:0600:21:15729Mixed TeamM IndNew Ireland
110 Aidan CLANCY 00:21:0900:21:14372Male TeamM IndClancy
132 Stephen O'CONNOR 00:21:0900:21:43439Mixed TeamM IndDeputy Synthes Johnson & Johnson
108 Aine MORAN 00:21:1000:21:10176Mixed TeamF IndAIB
113 Declan CLANCY 00:21:1100:21:17672Mixed TeamM IndMetrepole Hotel
140 Shane HORGAN 00:21:1100:21:49173Mixed TeamM IndAIB
112 Sean MCDONNELL 00:21:1100:21:17906Mixed TeamM IndWS Atkins
115 Keith BARRY 00:21:1300:21:19905Mixed TeamM IndWS Atkins
123 MicheáL MONAHAN 00:21:1800:21:31529Mixed TeamM IndItron Management Services Ireland
117 Agnes GRUSCHKA 00:21:2000:21:28480Mixed TeamF IndElement Power Ireland Limited
128 Ross BARRON 00:21:2000:21:33611Male TeamM IndLockton Insurance Brokers
130 Padraig GUEST 00:21:2100:21:35699Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
118 Niall O’DRISCOLL 00:21:2400:21:28492Male TeamM IndGilead
127 Alan MURRAY 00:21:2400:21:3218Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
142 Cian MURPHY 00:21:2400:21:52582Male TeamM IndLaya Health Care
121 Iain O'KELLY 00:21:2500:21:30528Male TeamM IndHortonworks
152 Mark TRINDER 00:21:2600:22:03214Male TeamM IndAIB
122 Richard BOURKE 00:21:2700:21:31530Mixed TeamM IndItron Management Services Ireland
120 Podsie O'MAHONY 00:21:2700:21:29153Male TeamM Ind1st Choice Property
145 Martin MCCARTHY 00:21:2700:21:57349Male TeamM IndCitco
119 Derek HAYES 00:21:2800:21:29376Male TeamM IndClancy
150 David MURPHY 00:21:2900:22:03675Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
126 Patrick FARRELL 00:21:2900:21:32219Male TeamM IndAIB
159 Jeremy MURPHY 00:21:2900:22:12565Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associates
124 Rob FLYNN 00:21:3000:21:32695Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
129 Jack MURPHY 00:21:3000:21:34104Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
165 Ciaran PHELAN 00:21:3100:22:16460Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
134 Phil POMERY 00:21:3300:21:45549Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
156 Shane KELLIHER 00:21:3400:22:07592Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
135 Norman ALLEN 00:21:3500:21:45321Mixed TeamM IndCH Marine
164 Fionn O'NEILL 00:21:3500:22:15727Male TeamM IndNETGEAR
133 Rory FENTON 00:21:3700:21:4383Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
138 David O'DONNELL 00:21:3900:21:4717Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
146 John O'KEEFE 00:21:4200:21:59626Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
136 Steve CRONIN 00:21:4200:21:46817Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
137 Shane COURTNEY 00:21:4500:21:46432Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
141 Steve DALY 00:21:4500:21:50800Male TeamM IndReardens Group
139 Tony JOHNSON 00:21:4600:21:48852Mixed TeamM IndSolarwinds
149 Alan DARMODY 00:21:4800:22:02374Male TeamM IndClancy
144 Ronan MCMANUS 00:21:4900:21:54552Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
143 Owen TWOMEY 00:21:5000:21:52112Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
170 Alan MAHY 00:21:5100:22:21577Mixed TeamM IndKuehne + Nagel
180 Aaron SWEENEY 00:21:5300:22:32199Mixed TeamM IndAIB
160 John CUDDIGAN 00:21:5300:22:13828Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
171 Niall MCSWEENEY 00:21:5400:22:22351Male TeamM IndCitco
153 Assumpta BARRY 00:21:5400:22:04257Mixed TeamF IndBank of Ireland, 32 South Mall
258 Sophie SULLIVAN 00:21:5400:23:50278Mixed TeamF IndBoylan Solictors
155 Mark BARRETT 00:21:5500:22:06820Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
147 Shane RUDDLE 00:21:5600:22:00493Male TeamM IndGilead
157 Gordon STREETE 00:21:5600:22:07545Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
148 Louise HAYES 00:21:5800:22:01654Mixed TeamF IndMercer
154 Mark MCNAMARA 00:21:5900:22:0667Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
161 David LOONEY 00:21:5900:22:14260Mixed TeamM IndBank of Ireland, 32 South Mall
151 Dave O'DONOVAN 00:22:0100:22:03256Male TeamM IndAviva
167 Shane POWELL 00:22:0700:22:17259Mixed TeamM IndBank of Ireland, 32 South Mall
158 Cathy DALTON 00:22:0800:22:09779Mixed TeamF IndPFH Technology Group
168 Alan GOGGIN 00:22:0900:22:19478Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
173 Shane TOBIN 00:22:1000:22:26591Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
162 Ross LANGAN 00:22:1000:22:14345Male TeamM IndCitco
163 Gillian MURPHY 00:22:1000:22:15561Mixed TeamF IndJeremy Murphy and Associated
208 Micheal KEANE 00:22:1100:23:00140Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
208 Tim CROWLEY 00:22:1100:23:00139Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
210 Claire MCSWEENEY 00:22:1100:23:00138Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
169 Shane RYAN 00:22:1100:22:21346Male TeamM IndCitco
172 Eamon O'SULLIVAN 00:22:1100:22:24885Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
186 Sean HICKEY 00:22:1100:22:36222Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
181 Sam RUSSELL 00:22:1300:22:32628Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
166 Peter NOLAN 00:22:1400:22:172Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
198 Eddie TRINDLE 00:22:1600:22:49585Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
214 Pat O'RIORDAN 00:22:1700:23:03326Mixed TeamM IndCinnamon Cottage
174 Colin FEELY 00:22:1700:22:27501Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
175 Michael MADIGAN 00:22:1900:22:27147Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
189 Neil NOLAN 00:22:2000:22:42834Mixed TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
190 Cian O'NEILL 00:22:2000:22:44294Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
179 David LYNCH 00:22:2100:22:32358Male TeamM IndCitco
183 Raymond BARROW 00:22:2100:22:33264Mixed TeamM IndBarry Group
192 Tristan MCCARTHY 00:22:2200:22:44792Mixed TeamM IndQuality Hotel Clonakilty
188 Danny DUGGAN 00:22:2300:22:40581Male TeamM IndLaya Health Care
177 Noel FLYNN 00:22:2400:22:31908Mixed TeamM IndWS Atkins
187 Michael DESMOND 00:22:2700:22:38548Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
176 Martin FOGARTY 00:22:2800:22:28570Mixed TeamM IndJohnson Controls
185 Mark DORGAN 00:22:2800:22:3482Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
178 Thomas O'MEARA 00:22:2900:22:31531Mixed TeamM IndItron Management Services Ireland
211 Michael O'REILLY 00:22:2900:23:01554Mixed TeamM IndJames Riordan and Partners
193 Niamh O'SULLIVAN 00:22:3000:22:4485Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
182 Pablo DETORRIE 00:22:3000:22:33782Mixed TeamM IndPFH Technology Group
184 Mark HUGHES 00:22:3100:22:33253Male TeamM IndAviva
199 Conor MALONEY 00:22:3100:22:51909Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
220 Micheal O'MULLAIN 00:22:3800:23:11757Mixed TeamM IndO FLYNN EXHAMS
194 Michael O'MAHONY 00:22:3800:22:4668Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
237 Karol-Ann RANDLES 00:22:3800:23:25537Mixed TeamF IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
235 John SHEEHAN 00:22:3800:23:25539Mixed TeamM IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
235 Ray SHANAHAN 00:22:3900:23:25542M IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
203 Daniel MURPHY 00:22:4000:22:57697Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
207 Brendan MACKEN 00:22:4100:22:59705Male TeamM IndMusgrave
190 Derek GOSNELL 00:22:4100:22:44154Male TeamM Ind1st Choice Property
197 Alan MINIHANE 00:22:4200:22:4884Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
196 Ray KELLEHER 00:22:4300:22:47421Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
205 Mick CONCANNON 00:22:4400:22:57393Mixed TeamM IndClúid Housing
195 Garret MURRAY 00:22:4400:22:47249Mixed TeamM IndAVIVA
204 Ann-Marie FEELY 00:22:4600:22:57502Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
222 Damien O'DONOGHUE 00:22:4600:23:13506Mixed TeamM IndHayfield Manor
229 Liam TOBIN 00:22:4800:23:20213Male TeamM IndAIB
202 Sean CREEDON 00:22:4800:22:5665Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
206 Paul MCGRATH 00:22:4900:22:5720Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
200 Aine JOHNSON 00:22:5100:22:53851Mixed TeamF IndSolarwinds
247 Karen MURPHY 00:22:5200:23:44575Mixed TeamF IndKPMG
201 Martin MCCARTHY 00:22:5300:22:54365Male TeamM IndCitco
224 Mark MURRAN 00:22:5500:23:14833Mixed TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
240 Sean BARRETT 00:22:5500:23:31175Mixed TeamM IndAIB
211 Linda O'CONNOR 00:22:5800:23:01883Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
218 Colin MITCHELL 00:22:5800:23:0872Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
215 James KELLEHER 00:22:5900:23:05571Mixed TeamM IndJohnson Controls
213 Noreen WALSH 00:22:5900:23:02181Mixed TeamF IndAIB
226 Ronan HENNESY 00:22:5900:23:18892Mixed TeamM IndTY Coint
217 Stephen BERNARD 00:23:0300:23:07527Male TeamM IndHortonworks
232 Conor O'MAHOINY 00:23:0300:23:23712Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave Retail Partners Ireland
219 Stephen O'DOHERTY 00:23:0300:23:09146Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
216 Finbarr LEHANE 00:23:0400:23:06255Male TeamM IndAviva
225 Mark KENNY 00:23:0600:23:15737Mixed TeamM IndNew Ireland Assurance Company
227 Therese BYRNE 00:23:0600:23:1895Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
223 Liam O'SULLIVAN 00:23:0600:23:14216Male TeamM IndAIB
238 Michelle O'DONNELL 00:23:0700:23:26709Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave Retail Partners Ireland
228 Oliver O'CONNOR 00:23:0700:23:18503Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
221 Ryan CHARLES 00:23:0800:23:13799Male TeamM IndReardens Group
233 Sinead CREMIN 00:23:0900:23:2486Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
248 Michael MORRISSEY 00:23:0900:23:45673Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
234 Ian SMILLIE 00:23:0900:23:24380Male TeamM IndClancy
230 Liam VIRGO 00:23:1000:23:22887Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
260 Timmy MURPHY 00:23:1000:23:51583Male TeamM IndLaya Health Care
256 Anthony MURPHY 00:23:1000:23:49754Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
251 Aiden MURRAY 00:23:1200:23:47458Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
231 Marguerite MURPHY 00:23:1400:23:22263Mixed TeamF IndBarry Group
244 Úna RYAN 00:23:1600:23:3836Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
252 Brendan REDDIN 00:23:1600:23:48127Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
265 Maire BRACKETT 00:23:1900:23:58198Mixed TeamF IndAIB
269 Paul MADILL 00:23:2100:24:04895Mixed TeamM IndTyco
268 Adrian O'CONNOR 00:23:2300:24:00725Male TeamM IndNETGEAR
239 Maeve FLEMING 00:23:2400:23:26422Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
242 Jemma SCANNELL 00:23:2500:23:31101Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
246 Timmy FALVEY 00:23:2700:23:41763Mixed TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
240 Declan KEANE 00:23:3000:23:31293Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
276 Conleth NOLAN 00:23:3100:24:08334Mixed TeamM IndCitco
243 Liam NOLAN 00:23:3200:23:33780Mixed TeamM IndPFH Technology Group
261 Tony MACKEY 00:23:3300:23:52303Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
249 Justine LOONEY 00:23:3400:23:4794Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
249 Mick CREMIN 00:23:3400:23:4793Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
279 Ray EGAN 00:23:3400:24:1173Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
253 Anthony WALKER 00:23:3500:23:48384Male TeamM IndClancy
273 Colm HYNES 00:23:3500:24:07442Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
267 Karen CRONIN 00:23:3600:23:59296Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
245 Mark FITZHARRIS 00:23:3700:23:40217Male TeamM IndAIB
286 Kevin HOLLAND 00:23:3800:24:17200Mixed TeamM IndAIB
266 Liam BYRNE 00:23:3900:23:58768Male TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
295 Padraig O'HERLIHY 00:23:4000:24:24204Mixed TeamM IndAIB
263 Alan KELLIHER 00:23:4300:23:53732Mixed TeamM IndNEw Ireland
306 Tom FERRITER 00:23:4400:24:32464Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
264 Aoife O'DRISCOLL 00:23:4400:23:54360Mixed TeamF IndCitco
255 Connie WISEMAN 00:23:4500:23:49155Male TeamM Ind1st Choice Property
254 David WHELAN 00:23:4500:23:48156Male TeamM Ind1st Choice Property
275 Christopher GALICKI 00:23:4700:24:07845Mixed TeamM IndSMARTTECH
256 Vincent HAND 00:23:4700:23:4934Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
288 Will WALSH 00:23:4800:24:19841Mixed TeamM IndScott Tallon Walker Architects
278 Neil FORDE 00:23:4800:24:09286Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
259 Peter SULLIVAN 00:23:4800:23:50234Mixed TeamM IndArdmore Shipping
309 Shane SULLIVAN 00:23:4800:24:35621Male TeamM IndMBC Insurance
277 Ronan GEARY 00:23:4900:24:09914Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
301 Joe DEANE 00:23:5000:24:28174Mixed TeamM IndAIB
262 Craig KIRKSEY 00:23:5100:23:52786Male TeamM IndPGi
280 Peter CATCHPOLE 00:23:5500:24:13707Male TeamM IndMusgrave
310 Michael MCILROY 00:23:5600:24:36197Mixed TeamM IndAIB
296 Tom O'HALLORAN 00:23:5600:24:24586Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
291 Ian WHITE 00:23:5700:24:20228Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
313 Denis CALNAN 00:23:5700:24:38567Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associates
292 MíCheal O'DONOVAN 00:23:5800:24:22791Mixed TeamM IndQuality Hotel Clonakilty
293 David LYNCH 00:23:5900:24:23342Male TeamM IndCitco
284 Pj MAC GEARAILT 00:23:5900:24:15319Mixed TeamM IndCEA Engineers
271 David HARNETT 00:23:5900:24:0581Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
285 Kathleen BROWNE 00:24:0200:24:1791Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
270 Eoin GUNN 00:24:0200:24:04184Mixed TeamM IndAIB
272 Pat CLANCY 00:24:0400:24:05377Male TeamM IndClancy
274 Evelyn O'BRIEN 00:24:0500:24:07428Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
307 Eoin GUERIN 00:24:0500:24:33288Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
312 John O'CONNOR 00:24:0500:24:37844Mixed TeamM IndScott Tallon Walker Architects
289 Luke O'SULLIVAN 00:24:0700:24:20642Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
302 Seamus LEAHY 00:24:0800:24:28711Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave Retail Partners Ireland
287 Mark TWOMEY 00:24:0800:24:19410Mixed TeamM IndCorn Store Restaurant
282 Caoimhe DOYLE 00:24:0800:24:13815Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Ltd
297 Conor MCCARTHY 00:24:0900:24:24634Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
294 Jen PROUT 00:24:0900:24:23635Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
290 Donal O'SULLIVAN 00:24:0900:24:20479Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
283 James CAHILL 00:24:1000:24:14495Male TeamM IndGilead
298 Garrett VERLING 00:24:1000:24:26163Mixed TeamM IndAIB
281 Mairéad O'KEEFFE 00:24:1100:24:13433Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
311 TBA 00:24:1200:24:37392Mixed TeamClayton Hotel
300 Garrett MCCABE 00:24:1300:24:28164Mixed TeamM IndAIB
304 Dan Joe BROWNE 00:24:1300:24:2990Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
303 Olive DOOLEY 00:24:1300:24:29704Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
334 Jian LIANG 00:24:1500:24:53894Mixed TeamM IndTyco
318 John SHEEHY 00:24:1600:24:43860Mixed TeamM IndSOSV Limited
326 Seamus KEANE 00:24:1600:24:48580Mixed TeamM IndKuehne + Nagel
308 Ian SMITH 00:24:1600:24:34638Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
299 Maria BUCKLEY 00:24:1800:24:27113Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
314 Ray CLARKE 00:24:1900:24:41223Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
342 Gavan DALY 00:24:1900:24:57157Mixed TeamM IndAIB
316 Aisling BYRNE 00:24:1900:24:41770Mixed TeamF IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
327 Daire HAYES 00:24:2000:24:48587Mixed TeamM IndLaya Health Care
305 Clive TEAP 00:24:2200:24:31347Male TeamM IndCitco
320 Tom STACK 00:24:2200:24:44302Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
319 Bryan BARRY 00:24:2300:24:4426Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
345 DJ MOLONEY 00:24:2300:24:58875Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
354 Patrick VAN NIEKERK 00:24:2300:25:09449Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
349 June HARRINGTON 00:24:2300:25:0174Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
324 Padraig CROWLEY 00:24:2400:24:47230Mixed TeamM IndApple
323 Cearbhall BEHAN 00:24:2400:24:46273Mixed TeamM IndBehan Irwin & Gosling inc Downing Commercial
321 Ruth HOULIHAN 00:24:2600:24:44627Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
330 Karen LAWTON 00:24:2800:24:50232Mixed TeamF IndApple
335 Eoin CAHILL 00:24:2800:24:54399Mixed TeamM IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
333 Barry O'CONNOR 00:24:3000:24:53343Male TeamM IndCitco
324 Stephen LAKE 00:24:3100:24:47683Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
339 Edward HANAFIN 00:24:3100:24:56601Mixed TeamM IndLisney
341 Olwen ANDERSON 00:24:3200:24:56603Mixed TeamF IndLisney
322 Anne-Marie SHEEHAN 00:24:3300:24:46534Mixed TeamF IndItron Management Services Ireland Ltd
336 Claire O'SULLIVAN 00:24:3300:24:55665Mixed TeamF IndMercy University Hospital
352 Declan MAGUIRE 00:24:3300:25:05350Male TeamM IndCitco
328 Garry FITZROY 00:24:3600:24:49612Male TeamM IndLockton Insurance Brokers
330 Denise HICKEY 00:24:3600:24:5087Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
315 Tom DORAN 00:24:3700:24:41379Male TeamM IndClancy
329 Joanne O'DWYER 00:24:3700:24:50532Mixed TeamF IndItron Management Services Ireland
317 Kevin DALTON 00:24:3700:24:42378Male TeamM IndClancy
359 Simon MURDOCH 00:24:3800:25:10469Mixed TeamM IndDyjaho
339 Jason RING 00:24:3900:24:5640Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
348 Rob O'FARRELL 00:24:4000:25:00666Mixed TeamM IndMercy University Hospital
337 Donn HORGAN 00:24:4000:24:56180Mixed TeamM IndAIB
347 Daniel O'CONNELL 00:24:4000:24:5938Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
383 Nick FLAVIN 00:24:4200:25:26328Mixed TeamM IndCinnamon Cottage
332 Nigel WILKINS 00:24:4300:24:53359Male TeamM IndCitco
355 Caitriona O'DONOVAN 00:24:4500:25:09810Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
364 Sean O'SULLIVAN 00:24:4600:25:14903Male TeamM IndWilliam O'Brien Group
394 Emma COUNIHAN 00:24:4700:25:32123Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
365 Shane FITZGERALD 00:24:4700:25:15403Mixed TeamM IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
360 Eanna O'BRAONAIN 00:24:4700:25:12227Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
400 Eoin HOLLY 00:24:4900:25:35624Male TeamM IndMBC Insurance
356 Laura FRIEL 00:24:5000:25:09796Mixed TeamF IndRadiotherapy Dept CUH
357 Mary AIRD 00:24:5000:25:09761Mixed TeamF IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
377 Pat MCHUGH 00:24:5100:25:24874Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
344 Pat BARRY 00:24:5100:24:5719Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
368 Austin GEARY 00:24:5100:25:16805Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Lrd
351 Neil BRADY 00:24:5200:25:05609Male TeamM IndLockton Insurance Brokers
362 Sinead O'DONOGHUE 00:24:5200:25:13789Mixed TeamF IndQuality Hotel Clonakilty
371 Saskia VANGOETHEM 00:24:5200:25:20292Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
350 John O'CALLAGHAN 00:24:5300:25:03573Mixed TeamM IndKPMG
346 Darren TUOHY 00:24:5400:24:58656Mixed TeamM IndMercer
369 Tara HORGAN 00:24:5400:25:17824Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
338 John TWOMEY 00:24:5400:24:56785Male TeamM IndPGi
343 Vicki CREAN 00:24:5600:24:57182Mixed TeamF IndAIB
363 Conor O'FLYNN 00:24:5700:25:14702Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave
391 Shane CROSSAN 00:24:5800:25:30758Mixed TeamM IndO FLYNN EXHAMS
367 David O'KEEFFE 00:24:5800:25:16706Male TeamM IndMusgrave
408 Gerard WALSH 00:24:5800:25:44108Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
358 Catiriona WALSH 00:24:5900:25:09106Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
388 David SWINBURNE 00:25:0000:25:28901Male TeamM IndWilliam O'Brien Group
376 John CREMIN 00:25:0100:25:24226Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
373 Frank DEANE 00:25:0200:25:2125Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
375 Una JENNINGS 00:25:0200:25:24225Mixed TeamF IndAon Hewitt
409 Niamh O’SULLIVAN 00:25:0200:25:45497Female TeamF IndGilead
384 Aodhan KAVANAGH 00:25:0300:25:27353Male TeamM IndCitco
374 Brendan MORAN 00:25:0300:25:22640Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
372 Craig HORGAN 00:25:0300:25:21639Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
382 Maria LARKIN 00:25:0400:25:26667Mixed TeamF IndMercy University Hospital
411 Hugh KEENA 00:25:0400:25:47203Mixed TeamM IndAIB
406 Shane O'ROURKE 00:25:0400:25:43755Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
361 Brian LAWTON 00:25:0500:25:13598Mixed TeamM IndApple
415 Tim O'SULLIVAN 00:25:0600:25:51451Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
366 Kathy HISTON 00:25:0600:25:15114Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
353 Kevin TWOMEY 00:25:0700:25:07853Male TeamM IndSolarwinds
389 Mark GOSLING 00:25:0800:25:28276Mixed TeamM IndBehan Irwin & Gosling inc Downing Commercial
378 Emer BAMBURY 00:25:0900:25:25693Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
420 Ciaran GRAAL 00:25:1000:26:00462Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
413 Enda O'SHEA 00:25:1100:25:49748Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
386 Alex SCHOENMAKERS 00:25:1200:25:27767Male TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
370 Tom MURPHY 00:25:1300:25:18375Male TeamM IndClancy
381 Yvonne SHEAHAN 00:25:1400:25:2670Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
392 Gary MURPHY 00:25:1600:25:32482Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
380 Fionan KISSANE 00:25:1600:25:25148Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
432 Colm TOBIN 00:25:1600:26:05543M IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
426 Alison CROWLEY 00:25:1700:26:02325Mixed TeamF IndCinnamon Cottage
387 Mary O'HALLORAN 00:25:1800:25:28738Mixed TeamF IndNew Ireland Assurance Company
418 Nathaniel SMITH 00:25:2000:25:5776Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
428 Lorna BUCKLEY 00:25:2100:26:02572Mixed TeamF IndJohnson Controls
432 Gary KING 00:25:2100:26:0512Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
410 Mark KENNEDY 00:25:2200:25:45602Mixed TeamM IndLisney
412 Helena O'CONNOR 00:25:2200:25:48262Mixed TeamF IndBarry Group
434 Louise MONAGHAN 00:25:2300:26:0611Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
379 Billy MURPHY 00:25:2300:25:258Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
430 Joanne O'FLYNN 00:25:2300:26:03891Mixed TeamF IndTY Coint
416 Kenneth IVORS 00:25:2400:25:51508Mixed TeamM IndHayfield Manor
385 Diarmuid HIGGINS 00:25:2400:25:27251Mixed TeamM IndAVIVA
407 Trisha MORONEY 00:25:2500:25:4413Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
393 Kieran RYAN 00:25:2500:25:32486Male TeamM IndESB International
390 Paddy NAUGHTON 00:25:2500:25:3071Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
401 Aodhan KAVANAGH 00:25:2600:25:37337Male TeamM IndCitco
423 Daniel LUXTON 00:25:2700:26:01413Male TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
397 Lorna WHITE 00:25:2800:25:34664Mixed TeamF IndMercer
441 Sue CULLEN 00:25:2900:26:13646Mixed TeamF IndMcCutcheon Halley Chartered Planning Consultants
398 Aine BYRNE 00:25:2900:25:34103Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
420 Julie-Ann ROWAN 00:25:3000:26:00152Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
399 Dorina GRIGOR 00:25:3000:25:35599Mixed TeamF IndApple
405 David MURPHY 00:25:3100:25:40740Mixed TeamM IndNew Ireland Assurance Company
395 Gerard SHEEHAN 00:25:3100:25:34659Male TeamM IndMercer
396 Frank LOONEY 00:25:3200:25:3496Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
439 Niamh QUIRKE 00:25:3300:26:11335Mixed TeamF IndCitco
419 Kevin DONOVAN 00:25:3300:26:00496Male TeamM IndGilead
523 Dayalan SRIKANTHA 00:25:3400:27:29279Mixed TeamM IndBoylan Solictors
427 Stephen MCCANN 00:25:3500:26:02859Mixed TeamM IndSOSV Limited
402 Donnchadh O'HALLORAN 00:25:3600:25:37382Male TeamM IndClancy
403 Wendy HOWELL 00:25:3700:25:37424Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
404 Kate O'DOWLING 00:25:3700:25:39425Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
447 Danielle DUBOIS 00:25:3800:26:21744Mixed TeamF IndNovartis
453 Denis SEXTON 00:25:3900:26:24742Mixed TeamM IndNovartis
425 Rob DINEEN 00:25:3900:26:02811Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Lrd
445 Alannah GAULD 00:25:4000:26:21866Female TeamF IndStelfox
452 Conor FREHILL 00:25:4000:26:24645Mixed TeamM IndMcCutcheon Halley Chartered Planning Consultants
417 Sean PYBURN 00:25:4300:25:5569Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
440 Sharon KIELY 00:25:4300:26:12196Mixed TeamF IndAIB
414 Vivienne GRAY 00:25:4700:25:5035Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
450 Michael O'DONOVAN 00:25:4800:26:22416Male TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
464 Neal HORGAN 00:25:4900:26:36541M IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
449 Leslie SCOTT 00:25:5200:26:22165Female TeamF IndAIB
450 Naomi LAWLEE 00:25:5300:26:22843Mixed TeamF IndScott Tallon Walker Architects
442 Irene OLMOS AGUILAR 00:25:5400:26:13330Mixed TeamM IndCitco
461 Brendan ALLEN 00:25:5400:26:32160Mixed TeamM IndAIB
436 Fiona O'CONNOR 00:25:5700:26:10456Female TeamF IndDePuy Synthes
429 Yvonne MURRAY 00:26:0000:26:03233Mixed TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
423 Danielle WALSHE 00:26:0000:26:01723Mixed TeamF
422 Susanne DEANE 00:26:0000:26:01235Mixed TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
462 Ciaran DALY 00:26:0100:26:35414Male TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
443 Bernice DOYLE 00:26:0100:26:15483Mixed TeamF IndElement Power Ireland Limited
431 Anne Marie COSTELLO 00:26:0100:26:047Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
455 Karen FLEMING 00:26:0200:26:27505Mixed TeamF IndHayfield Manor
457 Nora BUCKLEY 00:26:0300:26:31605Mixed TeamF IndLisney
437 Shane MOLONEY 00:26:0300:26:114Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
456 Amanda ISHERWOOD 00:26:0400:26:30607Mixed TeamF IndLisney
468 Richard NEULING 00:26:0600:26:39248Male TeamM IndAtkins
435 Kate CRONIN 00:26:0700:26:07430Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
459 Denis LYONS 00:26:0800:26:32224Mixed TeamM IndAon Hewitt
437 Ronan NAGLE 00:26:0900:26:113Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
471 Gearóid MCKERNAN 00:26:1000:26:40280Mixed TeamM IndBoylan Solictors
476 Pat KIERANS 00:26:1000:26:44470Mixed TeamM IndDyjaho
467 Stephen LYONS 00:26:1000:26:38904Male TeamM IndWilliam O'Brien Group
463 Jerome NIVET 00:26:1100:26:35801Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Lrd
446 John MURPHY 00:26:1200:26:21133Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
460 Artem KALAITAN 00:26:1300:26:32847Mixed TeamM IndSMARTTECH
474 Sinead O'LEARY 00:26:1400:26:43168Female TeamF IndAIB
469 Ashley MOORE 00:26:1400:26:39809Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
444 Eileen CARROLL 00:26:1500:26:20130Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
454 Miriam MORONEY 00:26:1600:26:25118Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
448 Jamie GRIFFIN 00:26:1700:26:21526Male TeamM IndHortonworks
492 Jim O'CONNELL 00:26:1700:26:59185Mixed TeamM IndAIB
465 Jill NICHOLSON 00:26:1800:26:37794Mixed TeamF IndRadiotherapy Dept CUH
458 Aisling BARRETT 00:26:2000:26:32409Mixed TeamF IndCorn Store Restaurant
501 Denis MC SWEENEY 00:26:2000:27:07568Mixed TeamM IndJeremy Murphy and Associates
499 Lisa MURPHY 00:26:2000:27:07566Mixed TeamF IndJeremy Murphy and Associates
472 Amanda-Jayne COMYN 00:26:2000:26:4133Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
475 Eoin TOBIN 00:26:2100:26:43825Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
478 Lisa WHELAN 00:26:2200:26:45832Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
505 Jill DALY 00:26:2500:27:13899Mixed TeamF IndVconnecta
483 Aoife MCCANN 00:26:2600:26:51397Mixed TeamF IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
473 Gary MCGARTHY 00:26:2700:26:42766Male TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
493 Fiona RYAN 00:26:2800:27:01521Mixed TeamF IndHopkins Communications
511 Fiona O'BRIEN 00:26:3100:27:15124Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
482 Chris HARTNETT 00:26:3200:26:49682Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
466 Marie KELLEHER 00:26:3300:26:38102Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
485 Rajesh NELAKUDITI 00:26:3300:26:56344Male TeamM IndCitco
489 Clare DALY 00:26:3300:26:57821Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
487 Michelle RYAN 00:26:3400:26:57823Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
515 Don O'LEARY 00:26:3500:27:21450Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
516 Niamh DOLAN 00:26:3600:27:22327Mixed TeamF IndCinnamon Cottage
496 Claire MULLINS 00:26:3700:27:03533Mixed TeamF IndItron Management Services Ireland Ltd
479 Andrea MCNAMARA 00:26:3700:26:46431Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
497 Barry KELLEHER 00:26:3700:27:03398Mixed TeamM IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
477 Martina LAWTON 00:26:3800:26:44405Female TeamF IndCope Foundation
499 Una BRENNAN 00:26:3900:27:07162Mixed TeamF IndAIB
470 Caitriona MURPHY 00:26:3900:26:40781Mixed TeamF IndPFH Technology Group
480 Aisling O'SULLIVAN 00:26:3900:26:48427Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
481 Damian GLEESON 00:26:4300:26:48145Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
518 Ian HENNESSY 00:26:4400:27:24569Mixed TeamM IndJohnson Controls
525 Edel GUMBLETON 00:26:4500:27:31741Mixed TeamF IndNovartis
503 Ray KELLEHER 00:26:4600:27:10385Mixed TeamM IndClayton Hotel
494 Eoin CONDON 00:26:4700:27:01187Mixed TeamM IndAIB
495 Claire COSGRAVE 00:26:4700:27:03694Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
517 Emma TIGHE 00:26:4900:27:22126Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
484 Avril MURNANE 00:26:5000:26:55132Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
485 Anne HARRINGTON 00:26:5100:26:56870Mixed TeamF IndTrend Micro
491 Louise HALL 00:26:5100:26:59679Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
502 Tara O'MAHONY 00:26:5200:27:08676Mixed TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
507 Mick SUGRUE 00:26:5200:27:14231Mixed TeamM IndApple
508 Brendan CUNNINGHAM 00:26:5300:27:14826Male TeamM IndRonan Daly Jermyn
487 Paul MCCANN 00:26:5500:26:575Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
524 Marguerite MAHER 00:26:5500:27:30686Mixed TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
498 Gerard O'BRIEN 00:26:5500:27:04736Mixed TeamM IndNew Ireland Assurance
512 Lisa O'RIORDAN 00:26:5700:27:18690Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
506 Sean CORCORAN 00:26:5800:27:13320Mixed TeamM IndCEA Engineers
490 Dave O'REGAN 00:26:5900:26:59902Male TeamM IndWilliam O'Brien Group
510 Mark TUTTY 00:26:5900:27:15318Mixed TeamM IndCEA Engineers
509 John DERHAM 00:27:0000:27:14383Male TeamM IndClancy
534 Blaithin O'NEILL 00:27:0100:27:4510Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
513 Alexandre PAIXAO 00:27:0100:27:20340Male TeamM IndCitco
530 Valerie O'KEEFFE 00:27:0100:27:35589Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
519 Victoria BRENNAN 00:27:0600:27:25795Mixed TeamF IndRadiotherapy Dept CUH
541 Denis COLLINS 00:27:0800:27:55623Male TeamM IndMBC Insurance
504 Kevin HOURICAN 00:27:1200:27:13778Mixed TeamM IndPFH Technology Group
520 Robert O'SULLIVAN 00:27:1400:27:26872Mixed TeamM IndTrend Micro
527 Jennie O'SULLIVAN 00:27:1400:27:33910Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
514 Grainne GALVIN 00:27:1600:27:21131Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
526 Liam VAUGHAN 00:27:1600:27:31396Mixed TeamM IndClúid Housing
539 Brian LEAHY 00:27:1800:27:53437Mixed TeamM IndDeputy Synthes Johnson & Johnson
529 Patrycja GONSIOR 00:27:1800:27:35633Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
535 Jennifer FOLEY 00:27:1900:27:48588Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
521 Ciara REYNOLDS 00:27:1900:27:28735Mixed TeamF IndNew Ireland Assurance
533 Kara MCLOUGHLIN 00:27:1900:27:40668Mixed TeamF IndMercy University Hospital
528 Rory QUINN 00:27:2200:27:35484Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
556 Joey SHEAHAN 00:27:2600:28:10717Mixed TeamM
544 Kevin HOLLAND 00:27:2700:27:57247Male TeamM IndAtkins
531 John REYNOLDS 00:27:2700:27:36734Mixed TeamM IndNew Ireland Assurance
549 Jill COLLINS 00:27:2700:28:03689Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
522 Natalia WILKE 00:27:2800:27:28784Mixed TeamF IndPFH Technology Group
538 Julia MCCARTHY 00:27:2800:27:52221Mixed TeamF IndAon Hewitt
550 Ronan MCINERNEY 00:27:2900:28:04688Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
558 Collette HERLIHY 00:27:2900:28:12210Female TeamF IndAIB
545 Collette STELLE 00:27:3100:28:00193Mixed TeamF IndAIB
543 Orla MURPHY 00:27:3400:27:57829Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
536 Karen O'SULLIVAN 00:27:3400:27:51331Mixed TeamF IndCitco
532 Dana KELLEHER 00:27:3600:27:40881Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
552 Darragh LANCASTER 00:27:4000:28:06341Male TeamM IndCitco
546 David KELLY 00:27:4100:28:01285Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
540 Avril OWENS 00:27:4300:27:54117Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
560 David O'MEARA 00:27:4500:28:18245Male TeamM IndAtkins
547 Charlie MCCARTHY 00:27:4600:28:02644Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
559 Olivia ROCHE 00:27:4800:28:16291Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
542 Catherine NYHAN 00:27:4800:27:55680Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
551 Linda WILLIAMS 00:27:4900:28:0488Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
565 Grainne O'SULLIVAN 00:27:4900:28:35619Mixed TeamF IndMBC Insurance
537 Emma O'FARRELL 00:27:4900:27:51238Female TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
557 Vincent TAYLOR 00:27:5000:28:11710Mixed TeamM IndMusgrave Retail Partners Ireland
553 Ian WALSH 00:27:5100:28:06641Mixed TeamM IndMC2 Accountants
554 Megan MCCARTHY 00:27:5100:28:06643Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
555 Claire FLEMMING 00:27:5300:28:09329Mixed TeamF IndCitco
561 TBC TBC 00:27:5700:28:22604Mixed TeamLisney
548 Niamh NIC CHOITIR 00:27:5900:28:03869Mixed TeamF IndTrend Micro
564 Tomas THORNTON 00:28:0100:28:32352Male TeamM IndCitco
567 Jean READING 00:28:0100:28:38169Mixed TeamF IndAIB
573 Conor PYNE 00:28:0200:28:41745Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
561 Stephen KELLEHER 00:28:0500:28:22771Mixed TeamM IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
578 Doireann MOYNIHAN 00:28:0500:28:49201Mixed TeamF IndAIB
578 Eoghan CORCORAN 00:28:0600:28:49121Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
572 Edel O'REGAN 00:28:0700:28:40879Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
575 Kevin SULLIVAN 00:28:0900:28:43415Male TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
576 Hilary SNOW 00:28:1300:28:46212Female TeamF IndAIB
569 Richard COLLINS 00:28:1400:28:38229Mixed TeamM IndApple
590 Michael O'MAHONY 00:28:1500:28:59122Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
563 Michelle ENRIGHT 00:28:1500:28:26267Mixed TeamF IndBarry Group
586 Sinead PYNE 00:28:1600:28:55746Mixed TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
582 David AHERNE 00:28:1600:28:51657Male TeamM IndMercer
582 Colm POWER 00:28:1700:28:51658Male TeamM IndMercer
592 Michelle LYONS 00:28:1700:29:00499Female TeamF IndGilead
571 Georgina O'BRIEN 00:28:1900:28:40835Mixed TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
591 Tony DONEGAN 00:28:2000:29:00756Mixed TeamM IndO Connor Payne & Co
585 Chloe NEYLON 00:28:2400:28:54281Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
578 Emma MURPHY 00:28:2600:28:49838Mixed TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
568 Elaine O'DONNELL 00:28:2600:28:38265Mixed TeamF IndBarry Group
566 Susan DURKIN 00:28:2900:28:35600Mixed TeamF IndApple
596 Karen DENEHAN 00:28:3000:29:02579Mixed TeamF IndKuehne + Nagel
587 Kelly KIRKPATRICK 00:28:3000:28:57858Mixed TeamF IndSOSV Limited
587 Cui ZHU 00:28:3000:28:57857Mixed TeamF IndSOSV Limited
597 Michelle O'MAHONY 00:28:3000:29:02578Mixed TeamF IndKuehne + Nagel
570 Carol RYAN 00:28:3300:28:4099Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
601 Dave MAXWELL 00:28:3600:29:11873Male TeamM IndTrend Micro
577 Avril KAVANAGH 00:28:3700:28:47268Mixed TeamF IndBarry Group
574 Maura HAYES 00:28:4000:28:41783Mixed TeamF IndPFH Technology Group
594 Maurice CRONIN 00:28:4100:29:01283Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
593 Ray BARRY 00:28:4100:29:01297Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
595 Ciara O'LEARY 00:28:4300:29:01637Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
581 Jo-Ann HIGGINS 00:28:4400:28:50407Female TeamF IndCope Foundation
589 Deirdre BUCKLEY 00:28:4800:28:57272Female TeamF IndBarry Group
598 Frances O'BRIEN 00:28:4900:29:03394Mixed TeamF IndClúid Housing
584 Owen MURPHY 00:28:5200:28:53856Male TeamM IndSolarwinds
612 Aidan LAMBERT 00:28:5700:29:44459Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
600 Alan EDWARD 00:28:5700:29:10481Mixed TeamM IndElement Power Ireland Limited
603 Jane O'BRIEN 00:28:5900:29:28282Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
607 Paul MCCARTY 00:29:0000:29:35871Mixed TeamM IndTrend Micro
599 Orlaith KEANE 00:29:0200:29:1064Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
609 Gosia KARDASZ 00:29:0300:29:40324Mixed TeamF IndCH Marine
611 Anna NAWIESNIAK 00:29:0300:29:40323Mixed TeamF IndCH Marine
602 Annette WALSH 00:29:0600:29:21317Mixed TeamF IndCEA Engineers
608 Marian QUINN 00:29:0700:29:35167Female TeamF IndAIB
616 Lenora O'SULLIVAN 00:29:0800:29:50893Mixed TeamF IndTyco
620 David COLLINS 00:29:1000:29:55620Mixed TeamM IndMBC Insurance
625 John FULLER 00:29:1400:30:03538Mixed TeamM IndJ.W. O'Donovan Solicitors
621 Des MURPHY 00:29:1400:29:58622Male TeamM IndMBC Insurance
604 Jen MURPHY 00:29:1800:29:2843Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
604 Samantha MURPHY 00:29:1800:29:2844Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
604 Mairead O'FARRELL 00:29:1900:29:2863Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
619 Susie O'SULLIVAN 00:29:2000:29:54445Mixed TeamF IndDepuy Synthes
627 Zara O'KELLY 00:29:2000:30:03188Mixed TeamF IndAIB
617 Ciara CROWLEY 00:29:2100:29:52301Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
610 Michelle TWOMEY 00:29:2200:29:40636Mixed TeamF IndMC2 Accountants
615 Ray WALLACE 00:29:2300:29:49364Male TeamM IndCitco
618 Mike O'NEILL 00:29:2600:29:53808Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Lrd
628 Sarah CONNOLLY 00:29:2800:30:09558Mixed TeamF IndJames Riordan and Partners
632 Catherine O'LEARY 00:29:3600:30:13171Mixed TeamF IndAIB
629 Keith BURNS 00:29:4000:30:09250Mixed TeamM IndAVIVA
613 Ina KELLY 00:29:4000:29:4847Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
614 Lucy CASHMAN 00:29:4000:29:4860Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
624 Amandine WHEELER 00:29:4100:30:01762Mixed TeamF IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
644 Brendan CULLETON 00:29:4400:30:29452Male TeamM IndDePuy Synthes
638 Louise O'NEILL 00:29:4600:30:22687Mixed TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
646 Ciara O'RIORDAN 00:29:4600:30:33898Mixed TeamF IndVconnecta
623 David O'CONNOR 00:29:4700:30:00546Male TeamM IndJacobs Engineering
641 Laura LYNCH 00:29:4900:30:24553Mixed TeamF IndJames Riordan and Partners
640 Sandra FOLEY 00:29:5100:30:23556Mixed TeamF IndJames Riordan and Partners
654 Bill HANAFIN 00:29:5200:30:47708Male TeamM IndMusgrave
636 Amanda CONNEELY 00:29:5300:30:17840Mixed TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
634 Katie SHEEHAN 00:29:5300:30:16830Female TeamF IndRonan Daly Jermyn
622 Oonagh CONNOLLY 00:29:5600:29:59183Mixed TeamF IndAIB
649 Orla O'SULLIVAN 00:29:5700:30:41648Mixed TeamF IndMcCutcheon Halley Chartered Planning Consultants
631 Fiona O'DONOVAN 00:29:5800:30:10698Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
652 Norma ENGLISH 00:29:5800:30:43618Mixed TeamF IndMBC Insurance
643 Denise MORRISON 00:30:0100:30:26812Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
626 Caroline MURPHY 00:30:0100:30:03237Female TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
633 Gary RING 00:30:0200:30:14266Mixed TeamM IndBarry Group
630 Amy NI CHEALLAIGH 00:30:0300:30:1049Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
639 Kim HUNTER 00:30:0500:30:22685Mixed TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
650 Susan COURTNEY 00:30:0500:30:41438Mixed TeamF IndDeputy Synthes Johnson & Johnson
635 Ed KELLY 00:30:0800:30:1656Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
648 Michelle CAREY 00:30:1100:30:40194Mixed TeamF IndAIB
659 Jane POLLOCK 00:30:1300:30:54559Mixed TeamF IndJames Riordan and Partners
653 Alan WYLEY 00:30:1600:30:47195Mixed TeamM IndAIB
637 Michael NOLAN 00:30:1600:30:181Male TeamM IndGrant Thornton
658 Conor PHELAN 00:30:1700:30:49523Mixed TeamM IndHopkins Communications
665 Siobhan COOGAN 00:30:1700:31:03718Mixed TeamF
642 Ena O'DONOGHUE 00:30:1800:30:2697Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
669 Catherine O'RIORDAN 00:30:2300:31:05500Female TeamF IndGilead
660 Liz CONWAY 00:30:2300:30:56178Mixed TeamF IndAIB
651 Raluca SACEANU 00:30:2300:30:42846Mixed TeamF IndSMARTTECH
655 Sophie GANDINI 00:30:2300:30:47802Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
673 Claire COLLINS 00:30:2400:31:0980Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
645 Lauren KELLY 00:30:2500:30:3254Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
676 Siobhan MURPHY 00:30:2800:31:11498Female TeamF IndGilead
662 Suzanne CASEY 00:30:2900:30:58310Female TeamF IndCafe Velo
664 Jessica HENNIGAN 00:30:2900:30:58309Female TeamF IndCafe Velo
675 Mairead NI LAOIRE 00:30:3000:31:11555Mixed TeamF IndJames Riordan and Partners
647 Varun CHATURVEDI 00:30:3200:30:38361Male TeamM IndCitco
666 Alice FOLEY 00:30:3300:31:04312Female TeamF IndCafe Velo
674 Kieran MANNING 00:30:3400:31:09660Male TeamM IndMercer
679 Jennifer OSULLIVAN 00:30:3500:31:16865Female TeamF IndStelfox
680 Cristina GUERRERO 00:30:3500:31:17867Female TeamF IndStelfox
672 Elaine DROMEY 00:30:3700:31:09907Mixed TeamF IndWS Atkins
657 Ellen STACK 00:30:3700:30:48120Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
670 Abbi SHANNON 00:30:3900:31:05606Mixed TeamF IndLisney
677 Marie DEASY 00:30:3900:31:15455Female TeamF IndDePuy Synthes
684 Denise WHELAN 00:30:3900:31:2678Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
655 Mithu SARKAR 00:30:3900:30:47339Male TeamM IndCitco
661 Greg WALSH 00:30:4000:30:56684Mixed TeamM IndMorgan McKinley
678 Aideen MCCARTHY 00:30:4000:31:15440Mixed TeamM IndDeputy Synthes Johnson & Johnson
685 Noel DELANEY 00:30:4300:31:279Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
682 Julie AHERNE 00:30:5200:31:19271Female TeamF IndBarry Group
667 Bernard KOSELLEK 00:30:5300:31:04411Mixed TeamM IndCorn Store Restaurant
667 Cora MCCARTHY 00:30:5300:31:04412Mixed TeamF IndCorn Store Restaurant
726 00:30:5600:32:54912
663 Ha Eun RUPPELT 00:30:5800:30:58239Female TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
671 Raksha BALRAJ 00:30:5900:31:08678Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
683 Joan O'MAHONY 00:30:5900:31:25386Mixed TeamF IndClayton Hotel
686 Emily SEXTOM 00:31:0300:31:30402Mixed TeamF IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
692 Amy Jane SHEAHAN 00:31:0300:31:46724Mixed TeamF
695 Emer O'CONNELL 00:31:0300:31:49719Mixed TeamF
688 Rachel DONOVAN 00:31:0500:31:33590Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
693 Richie GALVIN 00:31:0500:31:47722Mixed TeamM
687 Niamh GRIFFIN 00:31:0500:31:31401Mixed TeamF IndComyn Kelleher Tobin
698 Niall CRONIN 00:31:0900:31:5679Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
681 Caroline BROSNAN 00:31:1000:31:18677Female TeamF IndMorgan McKinley
696 Julie ARNOTT 00:31:1500:31:56512Female TeamF IndHIQA
697 Christine BUTLER 00:31:1500:31:56511Female TeamF IndHIQA
699 Suzanne GERBRUERS 00:31:3500:32:06594Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
701 Aoife SINGLETON 00:31:3600:32:10662Mixed TeamF IndMercer
689 Emma HAYES 00:31:3800:31:40423Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
690 Avril CASEY 00:31:3800:31:41878Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
691 Adam MCAULIFFE 00:31:3900:31:43536Mixed TeamM IndItron Management Services Ireland Ltd
702 Tara GREGORY 00:31:4200:32:19170Mixed TeamF IndAIB
694 Louise O'ROURKE 00:31:4400:31:48882Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
706 Christine MURPHY 00:31:4500:32:26749Female TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
703 David TOBIN 00:31:4700:32:24172Mixed TeamM IndAIB
707 Una WYER 00:31:4800:32:27753Mixed TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
713 Niall BANNON 00:31:5500:32:36896Mixed TeamM IndTyco
700 Mandy LAWTON 00:32:0000:32:07597Mixed TeamF IndApple
711 Sarah O'BRIEN 00:32:0100:32:34149Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
710 Martha MCCAFFREY 00:32:0100:32:33150Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
718 Anthony SHIELDS 00:32:0400:32:45560Mixed TeamM IndJames Riordan and Partners
704 Amy O'SULLIVAN 00:32:0600:32:2437Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
712 Claire FOLEY 00:32:0600:32:35804Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
705 Kathryn COAKLEY 00:32:0700:32:2489Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
724 Daniel LUCEY 00:32:0800:32:52854Male TeamM IndSolarwinds
708 Julia LYNES 00:32:0800:32:27473Female TeamF IndEazyCity
709 Nerea ARNAL 00:32:1000:32:28474Female TeamF IndEazyCity
729 Leo WHELAN 00:32:1500:33:0277Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
717 Hubert CROWE 00:32:1600:32:44814Mixed TeamM IndRed Hat Ltd
715 Federica LAINO 00:32:1800:32:37475Female TeamF IndEazyCity
719 Clare MAXWELL 00:32:1800:32:46803Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
714 Aoife O'NEILL 00:32:1800:32:36476Female TeamF IndEazyCity
725 Grace KELLY 00:32:2400:32:53166Female TeamF IndAIB
720 Jennifer DALY 00:32:2600:32:47913F Ind
730 Geraldine O'DONOVAN HENNESSY 00:32:3300:33:05151Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
723 Aislinn MCGRATH 00:32:3600:32:49701Mixed TeamF IndMusgrave
733 Emma MURPHY 00:32:3800:33:14207Female TeamF IndAIB
732 Martina KENNEALLY 00:32:3800:33:14205Female TeamF IndAIB
716 Jenifer WOLFGAND 00:32:3900:32:43880Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
734 Mary BRESNIHAN 00:32:3900:33:16206Female TeamF IndAIB
728 Katie MCSWEENEY 00:32:3900:33:01275Mixed TeamF IndBehan Irwin & Gosling inc Downing Commercial
722 Edel MURPHY 00:32:4000:32:4941Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
721 Louise MURPHY 00:32:4100:32:4961Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
727 Sarah KELLY 00:32:5100:32:5953Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
735 Emma MURPHY 00:32:5200:33:22252Mixed TeamF IndAVIVA
731 Jeanette STACK 00:33:0200:33:12119Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
741 Richard FITZGERALD 00:33:0700:33:33387Mixed TeamM IndClayton Hotel
742 Blathnaid KING 00:33:1000:33:41471Mixed TeamF IndDyjaho
740 Lisa MONAGHAN 00:33:1100:33:32764Mixed TeamF IndO' Mahony Pike Architects
736 Laura KELLY 00:33:1600:33:2455Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
746 Michelle LYNCH 00:33:1700:33:57751Female TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
747 Jennifer CALLANAN 00:33:1800:34:04647Mixed TeamF IndMcCutcheon Halley Chartered Planning Consultants
745 Nicola HAYES 00:33:2200:33:56877Female TeamF IndTrend Micro
739 Lisa KELLY 00:33:2600:33:3148Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
737 Megan PARDY 00:33:2900:33:29861Female TeamF IndSpringboard PR & Marketing
738 Susie HORGAN 00:33:3000:33:30864Female TeamF IndSpringboard PR & Marketing
753 Shirleen RIGBY 00:33:3000:34:16720Mixed TeamF
743 Niamh O'CALLAGHAN 00:33:3500:33:4151Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
744 Sinead DUNPHY 00:33:3500:33:4252Male TeamF IndGrant Thornton
754 Brendan FINUCANE 00:33:3700:34:25900Mixed TeamM IndVconnecta
752 Niamh HARRINGTON 00:33:3800:34:15454Female TeamF IndDePuy Synthes
756 Kevin CRONIN 00:33:4900:34:3675Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
748 Enya FOLEY 00:34:0000:34:05408Female TeamF IndCope Foundation
750 Catherine KELLY 00:34:0100:34:0957Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
751 Dominic KELLY 00:34:0300:34:0958Mixed TeamM IndGrant Thornton
755 Gary MURPHY 00:34:0600:34:35284Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
749 Alan BRADFIELD 00:34:0800:34:09855Male TeamM IndSolarwinds
761 Sarah COUGHLAN 00:34:1000:34:46759Mixed TeamF IndO FLYNN EXHAMS
760 Eimear BOYLE 00:34:1000:34:45760Mixed TeamF IndO FLYNN EXHAMS
759 Stephen BAILEY 00:34:1900:34:43298Mixed TeamM IndBYN Mellon
762 John RICHARDSON 00:34:2000:34:47507Mixed TeamM IndHayfield Manor
758 Eimear O'RIORDAN 00:34:2100:34:43295Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
757 Aideen O'DRISCOLL 00:34:3700:34:38243Mixed TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
766 Gary O'SULLIVAN 00:34:3700:35:20513Mixed TeamM IndHIQA
763 Lisa O'DEA 00:34:4400:34:56269Female TeamF IndBarry Group
764 Jennifer RAMSBOTTOM 00:34:4800:35:18315Female TeamF IndCafe Velo
765 Nicole O'CONNOR 00:34:4900:35:19313Female TeamF IndCafe Velo
772 Amanda BROBHY 00:34:5300:35:36186Mixed TeamF IndAIB
770 Patrycia ROCHON 00:34:5500:35:29179Mixed TeamF IndAIB
771 Emma ALLEN 00:34:5600:35:30177Mixed TeamF IndAIB
767 Davina MOONEY 00:35:0800:35:23395Mixed TeamF IndClúid Housing
774 Eoin WALSH 00:35:0900:35:41368Male TeamM IndCitco
778 Sinead SLYNE 00:35:1000:35:48158Mixed TeamF IndAIB
773 Declan MCGUIRK 00:35:1000:35:41366Male TeamM IndCitco
768 Natahalie KREZEMENKA 00:35:1500:35:25116Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
775 Darragh LANCASTER 00:35:1700:35:43357Male TeamM IndCitco
777 Ciara HIGGINS 00:35:1800:35:48596Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
769 Lynda O'LEARY 00:35:2100:35:25115Female TeamF IndGrant Thornton
776 Cerri O'REGAN 00:35:2800:35:4539Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
781 Caroline KEATING 00:35:3000:36:15721Mixed TeamF
779 TBA 00:35:3800:36:03388Mixed TeamClayton Hotel
782 Tracy HYLAND 00:35:4600:36:15161Mixed TeamF IndAIB
784 Caroline LERNIHAN 00:35:5700:36:39520Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
785 Louise O'SULLIVAN 00:35:5900:36:39514Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
786 Caoimhe FALVEY 00:36:0400:36:44750Female TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
787 Elizabeth MURPHY 00:36:0400:36:44752Female TeamF IndO Connor Payne & Co
780 Mona HOLDEN 00:36:0600:36:08244Female TeamF IndArdmore Shipping
788 Amanda SEXTON 00:36:1900:37:01517Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
789 Louise CROUGHAN 00:36:2100:37:01516Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
792 Miriam TWOHIG 00:36:2600:37:14137Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
783 Aisling HOURIHAN 00:36:2700:36:29429Mixed TeamF IndDeloitte
790 Stefania CAPOZZOLI 00:36:3800:37:03807Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
791 Mary PAPPIN 00:36:3900:37:03806Mixed TeamF IndRed Hat Lrd
793 Claire GEARY 00:36:5200:37:22593Mixed TeamF IndLaya Health Care
794 Emma HAYES 00:37:0300:37:33287Mixed TeamF IndBYN Mellon
795 Richard CONACHEY 00:37:2200:37:56467Mixed TeamM IndDyjaho
796 Eileen NEVILLE 00:37:4000:38:06274Mixed TeamF IndBehan Irwin & Gosling inc Downing Commercial
800 SinéAd PALMER 00:38:2500:39:10617Mixed TeamF IndMBC Insurance
797 Alice KELLY 00:38:4200:38:5059Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
798 Ciara KELLY 00:38:4300:38:5046Mixed TeamF IndGrant Thornton
802 Lala GURBANOVA 00:38:4500:39:27868Female TeamF IndStelfox
803 Shane CARROLL 00:38:5400:39:29446Mixed TeamM IndDepuy Synthes
804 Elaine OUGHTON 00:39:0100:39:39453Female TeamF IndDePuy Synthes
799 Clive TEAP 00:39:0300:39:08363Male TeamM IndCitco
805 Tony PALLES 00:39:1800:40:02494Male TeamM IndGilead
801 Shane RYAN 00:39:2000:39:24362Male TeamM IndCitco
806 Martin KIELY 00:39:4000:40:22519Mixed TeamM IndHIQA
807 Sharon MURPHY 00:40:2600:40:54270Female TeamF IndBarry Group
809 Michelle KEOHANE 00:42:1700:42:58515Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
808 Dannie FREEBURY 00:42:1700:42:57510Female TeamF IndHIQA
809 Carrie MCKEOWN 00:42:2500:42:58522Mixed TeamF IndHopkins Communications
811 Syrena LONG 00:42:2600:42:59524Mixed TeamF IndHopkins Communications
813 Haydee GALIC 00:49:1400:49:56518Mixed TeamF IndHIQA
812 Kathleen ANDREWS 00:49:1700:49:56509Female TeamF IndHIQA
814 Christine O'FLYNN 00:53:0600:54:00419Mixed TeamF IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
814 Kevin HUDSON 00:53:0800:54:00420Mixed TeamM IndDeloitte
817 Liam HICKEY 00:54:1100:55:10418Mixed TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects
816 Francis O'HALLORAN 00:54:1200:55:09417Mixed TeamM IndCoughlan DeKeyser Architects