Drogheda and District AC Captains Virtual Relay Challenge

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Clubs/Teams Results
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PlaceNameGross TimeCatSub CatClub
1 Fran EGAN 00:03:10Relay1KCoaches Pets
2 Cillian GOGARTY 00:03:32Relay1KScrambled Legs
3 Jim NOLAN 00:03:33Relay1KA Team
4 Sean MACFARLAIN 00:03:34Relay1KTeam Warrior
5 E C 00:03:43Relay1KBlind Chasers
6 Séamus FLANNERY 00:03:52Relay1KPerfect Pacers
7 Gerard MAHER 00:03:59Relay1KFearsome Foursome
8 Andrea MCCABE 00:04:06Relay1KAlley Cats
9 Louise AYLWARD 00:04:08Relay1KChafing The Dream
10 Pauline LANNON 00:04:09Relay1KTrouble Makers
11 Alan FLOYD 00:04:13Relay1KMullet Mafia
12 Miriam GOUGH 00:04:20Relay1KGirls Allowed
12 Gillian FARRELLY 00:04:20Relay1KAlso Rans
12 Pam WALL 00:04:20Relay1KFit Flyers
15 Martin WOODS 00:04:31Relay1KRiot Squad
16 linda BOWE 00:04:34Relay1KJager Bombers
17 Louise BRADY 00:04:38Relay1KFab Four
18 Sinead MCGUINNESS 00:04:40Relay1KBling Hunters
18 Sharon HANNA 00:04:40Relay1KFours Company
20 Julie BOARDMAN 00:04:44Relay1KFours A Crowd
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